“The Curation of Discovery” at Boulder Weekly

“The Mahaffy Cache is a collection of 86 supposedly 13,000-year-old stone artifacts that were discovered by a landscaper, Romero, who worked on a crew led by Brant Turney and included Juan Gonzalez and Jose Ramirez. They were unearthed in the front yard of biopharmaceutical business owner Patrick Mahaffy on the banks of Gregory Creek just blocks north of Chautauqua Park on 6th Street in the spring of 2008. They are presently on display at the CU Museum of Natural History as an exhibit titled, Unearthed: Ancient Life in the Boulder Valley.

I was drawn to this story, as breath is drawn from air. I was struck by the absence of Romero’s name — the person whose shovel — a modern tool — first knocked the ancient tool as one knocks a door. Romero’s name is absent from all news accounts, museum exhibits and memories of those whose faces shine most brightly in the national spotlight of the cache’s discovery. I was drawn by the yet unspoken meaning of Romero’s discovery.”  Read more

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