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Now, more than ever, the world needs independent journalism. With such journalism, specifically focused on wildlife and the habitats they depend on for life, stories unfold in a powerful way, revealing the full implications and possibilities of the issues at hand. As a result, a clearer vision of the world appears, and difficult decisions about environmental and wildlife policy, legislation, advocacy, and conservation become clear.

My name is Rico Moore, and I’m an independent writer reporting on wildlife and environmental issues in Colorado, and the aforementioned vision is my work. I’m asking for tax-deductible donations to further my work. If you’ve found my work valuable, and would like to see it continue, please make a tax-deductible donation here.

Most notably, my work has focused on Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s (CPW) predator control plans, which since their passage in December 2016, have generated significant controversy, along with two lawsuits, at both the state and federal levels.

CPW plans to kill hundreds of Colorado’s mountain lions and black bears over the next nine years in the name of scientific research to increase mule deer populations, but preeminent wildlife biologists assert doing so wouldn’t have that effect, and conservation organizations allege the plans are a violation of law.

In the democratic spirit of the fourth estate, I’ve been investigating the merits and motives of these plans, publishing before unreported on findings in the independent newspaper, The Boulder Weekly (see: Rico Moore: Essays & Articles).

Independent journalism is free to investigate the full range of these critical issues, and by situating them in their proper context, provide information necessary for determining effective solutions.

And because the creation of these articles is very research and time intensive, and they don’t sell for enough to cover the cost of living while they’re being produced, your tax-deductible donation will continue to make work like this possible.

In the context of CPW’s predator control plans, my reporting has uncovered potential links between the science of the plans and public land exchanges with oil and gas companies, oil-and-gas-industry-funded research, livestock damage payouts, best available science, legislation, policy, the relocation of black bears, and more. And out of the hundreds of hours of research and interviews, I’ve crystallized the facts most consequential to the plans in an order demonstrating their impacts to wildlife, their habitats, and the citizens of Colorado.

And in my investigations, I’ve found more stories to tell and more issues to bring into public view, including the challenges facing the realities of wolves in Colorado, the human impacts on Colorado wildlife and the habitats they depend on for life. Each of these stories focuses on good governance, ecology, conservation biology, climate change, advocacy, along with traditional knowledge.

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