Rico Moore

Rico Moore’s journalistic work is presently focused on investigating and telling the stories of human impacts on wildlife and their habitats in Colorado, with particular emphasis on good governance, particularly at the state level, state and regional environmental agencies, the fossil fuel industry, ecology, conservation biology, climate change, and advocacy.

Rico completed an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on critical theory and literature at CU-Boulder. His graduate work, a Masters of Fine Arts in poetry at CSU-Fort Collins, investigated the role and function of language in poetry as it establishes and mediates relationships between people and the natural world. And along with experience working in the sciences, conservation and advocacy, he is well-positioned to report on complex, interrelated and evolving stories that impact the living earth and our relationship with it. Rico is also a fifth generation northern Coloradan and an avid outdoorsman, hunting and fly-fishing since youth. He lives with his wife and their cat in Fort Collins.


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